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Coronavirus: Facebook adds Care reaction to its 'Like' button

Facebook has added a new Care reaction to virtual hug those you miss

The idea behind the reaction is to help 'Care' for those you love and miss and give them virtual hugs during the current Coronavirus lockdown throughout the entire world.

You can use the new reaction across Facebook's website, iOS and Android apps. If you haven't got it, make sure you've updated the app to its latest version.

To use the reaction, simply press and hold (or tap and hold) the Like button and select the 'Care' reaction. It sits beside the 'Love' and 'Haha' reaction. Basically, you use it in the same way you do with the current reactions that are already on the platform.

The new reaction shows a face hugging a heart.

Facebook Messenger is also getting a new reaction in the form of a purple and pink beating heart. The app already features a heart emoji reaction but isn't animated. If too wish to use the new animated beating version, simply press and hold the current heart reaction.

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