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Dark mode for WhatsApp on iOS and Android is here

Dark mode is now on WhatsApp for iOS and Android
Dark mode is now on WhatsApp

Facebook has finally brought Dark Mode to WhatsApp

It's true: WhatsApp's parent company, Facebook, have finally brought dark mode to WhatsApp on both iOS and Android!

Because dark mode is available on both Android (Android 10) and iOS (iOS 13) at a system level in the operating system, WhatsApp will automatically switch over to its new dark mode.

If you have Android Pie, also known as Android 9, you will have to enable WhatsApp's dark mode from the apps settings menu.

Even if you have dark mode enabled at system level but don't like the WhatsApp dark mode, you can disable dark mode on WhatsApp by going into the settings and selecting the 'Light' theme.

Whilst dark mode is enabled, it lowers the brightness of your phones's display which makes it easier on the eye when in darker environments, like then you're looking at your phone during the night.

Instead of blacks, there's a dark grey background and off-white colours that cuts down glare and lowers the brightness of the screen. As well as this, it improves contrast too.

On Android phones, you'll notice darker grey colours, whilst on iOS, dark mode is mostly just pure black, with white text for chat messages.

To try out dark mode on WhatsApp and make the most of the new, long awaited feature, download the latest version of WhatsApp for iOS and Android now!

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