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Ed Sheeran releases two more singles from his new 'No.6 Collaborations Project' album

Ed Sheeran
Ed Sheeran

Ed's treating us to more brand new music

Ed Sheeran has released two more tracks from his brand new album 'No.6 Collaborations Project', which is to be released on Friday 12 July 2019.

We've already had three singles released from his album, ahead of next week's release already. These are: 'I Don't Care' featuring Justin Bieber, 'Cross Me' featuring Chance The Rapper and PnB Rock and 'Beautiful People' featuring Khalid.

The first new track is titled 'BLOW' and features Chris Stapleton and Bruno Mars. As well as being a featured artist on the track, Bruno Mars produced the record too.

The second track, named 'Best Part Of Me', features Yebba and along side Ed Sheeran, was produced by Joe Rubel and Benny Blanco (who you'll know from the UK former number one chart topper 'Eastside' featuring Halsey.

'BLOW' see a different vibe from Sheeran as it's more of a rock and roll based track but reminds us from when he appeared on Eminem's single 'River', back in 2017.

'Best Part Of Me' again, is different from Ed's usual style but in our minds, links back to a track from his third studio album, Divide, which was released in March 2017. 'Supermarket Flowers' was a calming and track full of sadness and shock, which is was 'Best Part Of Me' sounds like.

You can listen to both of the new tracks below:

BLOW (with Chris Stapleton & Bruno Mars)

Best Part Of Me (feat. YEBBA)

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