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Facebook and Instagram are down across the globe

Social media site Facebook and photo sharing app, Instagram are down for users across the globe.

At the moment, and at the time of writing, we're unaware of the cause of why Facebook and Instagram have gone down. It has also been reported that messaging and SMS replacement service, WhatsApp has also been affect by the outage.

Facebook own both Instagram and WhatsApp.

Facebook's site is working and posts can be viewed but it has been said that users are unable to post and update their status. We have tried to post on our Facebook page - - and we're having issues too.

Over on photo sharing app Instagram, users were unable to update their Stories, post new pictures and refresh their Instagram feeds.

Facebook have acknowledged there is an issue and have posted the below on their Twitter page:

A few minutes ago, the above post was updated with the below status update:

We'll update you with further status updates when we get them.

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