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Facebook changes its logo to represent its parent company

New Facebook company word mark
New Facebook company logo

Facebook updates its logo

We all know Facebook as the popular social media application on mobile and tablets and its website but on November 12 2019 it has unveiled a brand new logo.

The new logo is meant to represent the parent company that owns Facebook, WhatsApp and Instagram. Facebook also own Oculus, Portal and even more. You can see from the GIF below that the logo or 'wordmark' colour changes depending on the brand, such as green for WhatsApp, for example.

The brand new logo will be put onto Facebook's apps and products (Instagram and WhatsApp as an example) very soon. Currently, if you look at the settings section of the Instagram app, it just says 'Instagram from Facebook'. Instead of this, it'll say 'From Facebook' but instead of the word 'Facebook', you'll see the new Facebook word mark. It will also feature on the sign in screens of the apps too.

The word mark will be instead of the blue Facebook logo that it now to be associated with the Facebook app and not the Facebook company.

The new logo is to help Facebook as a company to distinguish itself from the social media app and the company. Previously, the blue social network Facebook logo has been used to represent to whole Facebook company, and thanks to the new logo, this is no longer the case.

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