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Galaxy S8: Headphone Jack?

Samsung: No headphone Jack on s8?

Samsung's S8 is just round the corner, but there is one question that still hangs in the balance.

Will the S8 have a headphone jack? We're not sure, but we really hope there's one! Or, will Samsung copy Apple in removing the much-loved port?

Everyone went into stock when Apple's latest phone, named iPhone 7, was brought out with NO headphone jack. This has made the phone thinner though.

You can still use headphones on iPhone 7 but we need to purchase an adapter. The annoying thing is, besides parting with more cash, you'll be carrying the adapter around with you - as if you haven't got enough to take here, there and everywhere!

We've all been left wondering if it will have one. If not, Samsung may be making some wireless Bluetooth ones for us to use (and possibly loose!)

All we can do now is wait. Let us know if you think Samsung's latest phone will have one. Be sure to check back on this topic again as we'll tell you when the phone's been launched!

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