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Google Home gets a 'sound' update that you'll find very useful

Google Home Mini
Google Home Mini

If you have a Google Home, this one's for you

For those that own a Google Home, Google Home Mini or Google Home Max, you'll know that you are unable to set the volume - for playing music and, for example, once you have asked Google to turn off the lights, she'll say 'Ok, turning off lights', very loudly - at separate levels.

This can be very annoying for when you're sleeping as she will start to speak loudly and wake everyone else up who's in the same household.

You'll be pleased to hear that Google are making some changes which won't wake you back up when you have asked her to turn off the lights. Instead, what will happen is, you will hear a 'chime' type sound to indicate she understood and has actioned your request.

According to a Google Blog Post, this new fix will work with plugs and switches that are recognised as being lights. Commands will work too, so Google Home will chime when dimming or turning up the brightness of lights.

For this to work, though, lights that are connected to smart plugs have to be recognised as lights. So make sure, for example, you call you light 'Bedroom light', instead of just 'Bedroom'.

The second new feature that those will find useful who own a Google Home device is the ability to set a custom volume for the speaker itself for music etc and them a separate volume level for when the Google AI assistant responds and speaks to you. This will be available within the Google Home app.

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