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Google Play Music is becoming YouTube Music by the end of 2020

Google Play Music
Google Play Music

Google Play Music is to discontinue to become YouTube Music very soon

By the end of the current year (2020), the Google Play Music app will have been discontinued to be replaced by the YouTube Music app.

Currently, both apps exist as separate apps but by the end of this year, Google Play Music will be removed to leave only the YouTube Music app.

Up until now, it's been some what of an annoyance to transfer music from Google Play Music to the YouTube Music app but thankfully, this has now been made even more easier as the Play Music app gets to the end of its final few months in operation.

Very soon, all those that are subscribed to Google Play Music will be getting an email from Google explaining the changes to YouTube Music and how to transfer current content over, including your music and various playlists.

It'll be a simple process as downloading the YouTube Music app onto your device, if you haven't already, and hitting a 'transfer' button. Done.

That sounds simple enough but we'll go into a little more detail below.

Why should I switch to YouTube Music?

Well, for now, you can continue to use Google Play Music with no issues as it's being switched off towards the end of 2020, although Google are urging users to transfer their library over now to avoid the rush for when, eventually, Google Play Music will be a thing of the past.

Furthermore, Google Play Music offers 30 million songs to pick from which is impressive BUT, YouTube Music offers approximately 50 million songs. So if that's not a reason to switch, we don't know what is.

What's more, Google's packing a monster subscription that includes YouTube Music Premium with offline listening but also ad-free YouTube so you can watch your favourite streams and prank videos without adverts at the start and finish - all for £11.99 per month.

What exactly will you be able to transfer across to YouTube Music?

During the transfer process, you'll be able to take across your likes and dislikes, stations that have been created for you, uploads, purchases, your personal playlists and those you have subscribed to and the songs and albums you've added.

Is there a different in price between Google Play Music and YouTube Music?

Nope. Pricing for YouTube Music remains the same as Google Play Music, just £9.99 per month. There are also family and student plans available for YouTube Music, just as there is for Google Play Music.

How do you transfer your music and preferences over to YouTube Music?

There are three easy steps to do this:

1. Download the YouTube Music app for Android and iOS

2. Tap the 'Transfer' button in the YouTube Music app

3. You'll all done! Google will notify you once all your music has been transferred over to YouTube Music and you'll then start to be able to enjoy your music, just like you did in Google Play Music.

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