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Google pulls the plug on social network Google+

Google's failed social network: Google+ - Tech News
Google's failed social network: Google+

Google's failed social network, Google+, has now been shutdown

Google+ (also known and written as Google Plus), was a social network created and developed by search engine giant Google, to take on the likes of Facebook and Twitter. The failed social network was launched back in 2011.

Google+ didn't really catch on. Soon after its arrival, it was added into the comments section on YouTube, so when you commented on a YouTube video, it showed up on your Google+ profile page. Your profile also listed when you used the Hangouts application (like Skype), to talk and communicate with friends and family.

Why was Google+ closed down?

Google announced the closure of Google+ in 2018, after a huge data breach that it didn't warn Google+ users about. The plug was finally plugged on April 2 2019, for consumer accounts.

Although a lot of people signed up, very few of those people were using the social platform.

Liked a post on Google+? You had to press the 'Plus One' button. Just like on Facebook where you 'Like' a post and you 'Heart' a tweet on Twitter.

The Google+ team went through a stage of deleting profiles that businesses and brands created to try and promote their products and services, but then decided that businesses could setup pages after all.

Not one, but two data breaches from Google+ meant the site had no option but to close as private user information on the failed social networking platform had been leaked at that information could been seen by third party developers.

In a blog post on its own blog, Google said: "The consumer version of Google+ currently has low usage and engagement - 90% of Google+ user sessions are less than five seconds,"

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