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Have you seen this, Apple? Samsung's 32" Smart Monitor M8

Samsung Smart Monitor M8
Samsung Smart Monitor M8

Samsung have released a new 32" Smart Monitor which doesn't cost £1,000

Samsung have released a new 32" Smart Monitor called 'Smart Monitor M8.


It is Samsung's latest Smart Monitor and it does look rather nice. It comes in four colours: White, Blue, Green and Pink and has some nifty tricks up its sleeves.

It is perfect for that work-life, home-life balance as it's not just a monitor. When you've finished work for the day, kick back and relax and stream your favourite shows, all from the same monitor.

Streaming services and operating system

If you are used to using Samsung's range of Smart TVs, you'll find the interface of the Smart Monitor M8 a breeze to use. The Smart Monitor M8 is powered by Samsung's Linux-based Tizen operating system. It comes packed will all the essential streaming apps, including Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, Disney+, Apple TV, Samsung TV Plus, YouTube and more.

What's more, the Smart Monitor M8 has a remote control included so you really can sit back on the sofa and use the remote to scroll through Netflix and find that next binge-worthy series.

Remote Control

The remote control features a power button to allow you to turn the Smart Monitor M8 on and off, a home button, back button, play/pause button, volume up and down (more on that later) and a enter button with buttons to move up, down, left and right in menus. The remote has dedicated buttons for Samsung TV Plus, Netflix, Prime Video and Disney+, so at the click of a button, you can jump back in to your favourite show.

Design and screen size

Smart Monitor M8 has a slim a sleek design that is pleasing on the eye and the very slim bezels around the edge of the display make the monitor look fantastic in any location in the home - be that in on the desk in the office, on the table in the living room, kitchen worktop or even the bedroom.

As mentioned above, the screen size is 32", with an aspect ratio of 16:9, making this the perfect monitor for work and its multiple options for connecting laptops to the monitor means most modern laptops can be hooked up to the Samsung Smart Monitor M8 with ease.

Smart Monitor M8 has a refresh rate of 60Hz. Whilst it isn't strictly a gaming monitor, you can hook your Xbox or PlayStation 5 to it for a bit of light gaming every so often. There is a Game Mode in the settings which will show you those typical gaming stats like your FPS and allows you to adjust certain settings from the menu.

Connection options

Samsung's Smart Monitor M8 allows you to connect, charge up to 65W, perfect for Ultrabooks such as the Samsung Galaxy Book, send data and display your laptop's screen using the included USB-C cable, if your laptop supports it.

All the inputs for the monitor are located at the rear, there is a Micro HDMI connection and before you look away, the cable is included, with full size HDMI on the other end to plug your laptop in, 2 USB ports, one is used to connect and charge your laptop using USB-C and the power cable input. Micro HDMI has been used to allow the monitor to remain as slim as it is.

Speakers are built in to the monitor, so if you need sound in a pinch when watching a quick video on YouTube, the option is there. There is a IR sensor on the front of the monitor for the remote control.

There is also a small control knob on the back of the monitor to cycle through the monitor's menu but who needs to use that when you've got the remote control to hand.

For Samsung smartphones, you can gently tap the back of your phone on the side of the monitor to allow your phone to be seen on the big screen, no cables required. You can use Samsung DeX mode on the monitor too, if your Samsung device supports it, most of the newer devices do.

There's more on the connection front, too. Even though this is a monitor from Samsung, it's made for those with Apple devices too, thanks to integration with Apple AirPlay, meaning you can easily connect your iPhone, iPad and Mac wirelessly to the Smart Monitor M8 to see its content on the screen. Perfect if you've a Mac with no HDMI port. No more searching for that dongle at the bottom of your bag.

Last up on the connectivity front is this, Well, the only connection you need is a Wi-Fi connection. Don't have your laptop with you and need to type up a document? No problem. The Smart Monitor M8 has Microsoft365 built in so you can edit that important document. You can browse the web using the built-in web browser. Just connect a Bluetooth keyboard a mouse and you're good to go.

SlimFit camera

If you thought having a remote control included was a bonus was good, wait until you hear this. Also included in the package is Samsung's 'SlimFit camera', which, essentially is a webcam. It attached to the rear of the monitor using the magnetic pin cutout made for the camera. Once attached, the camera has some tilt functionality allowing you to move it upwards if you need to.

Whilst the SlimFit camera is connected, you can use it as your webcam when in meetings on Microsoft Teams, Zoom and whatever platform your organisation uses instead of using the built-in webcam on your laptop.

If privacy is a big thing for you, you can remove the camera from the monitor when not in use and store it somewhere, or use the included lens cover. The choice is yours.

Google Duo is built in as the video conferencing service of choice, so if you use this, there is no need to connect your laptop up.

Smart assistance

Assistance is on hand when you need in as Samsung's Bixby and Amazon Alexa can be linked to SmartThings, making the monitor the new smart hub for your home, so you can ask your Smart Monitor M8 to dim the lights and turn the music up.

Why did we mention Apple? (Price)

We mentioned Apple at the beginning. Why? Because you get all of this in a beautiful, slim package that costs £699.00 (direct from Samsung), versus Apple's new Studio Display which starts from £1,499. We think Samsung's Smart Monitor M8 is a no-brainer.

You can buy the Smart Monitor M8 direct from Samsung by clicking here.

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Main image credit: Samsung



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