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In the excitement of Amazon Prime Day, TP-Link & Kasa smart home got it wrong

TP-Link make the Kasa branded smart home devices for Amazon's Alexa and Google Home | TP-Link Logo
TP-Link make the Kasa branded smart home devices for Amazon's Alexa and Google Home

There are so many great deals this year but everyone can get it wrong

Amazon Prime Day returns for yet another year and there are so many great deals to be had. Amazon have also spiced up Prime Day this year as its not just happening for one day, it's taking place across two, yes, TWO, days!

Prime Day 2019 kicked off this year at midnight yesterday on Monday 15th July and is still happening now, on Tuesday 16th July 2019.

However, in amongst all the fantastic deals, which are exclusively for Prime members, sometimes, people get it wrong.

This is / was the case for TP-Link - who make many networking products such as switches and routers - they also make smart home products, using the brand name Kasa - smart plugs, smart switches, smart lightbulbs and more.

Kasa products are compatible with both Amazon Alexa and Google Home smart AI assistances, which is what Alexa and Google Home are.

In an email sent out to TP-Link and Kasa customers, they've said:

"In our excitement about Amazon Prime Day we made a mistake on the HS100 Triple Pack promotion."

"The offer goes live on Amazon on Tuesday 16th July, from 18:00 - 24:00. You will be able to order the HS100 Triple pack for £39.99 now!"


On the email though, they have included some unmissable deals, including: 53% off Kasa Smart Plug and 43% off a 3 pack of Kasa Smart Plugs.

Go on, go grabs those Prime Day deals before midnight tonight!

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