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iOS 14 will finally let you search for emoji from its keyboard


This long awaited feature will finally arrive on iOS 14 when it's released

At the moment, in the previous versions of iOS and the current version, iOS 13, there isn't a dedicated way to search for emoji. The closest way to searching for the emoji you want is by typing in a word and hoping the Apple's iOS keyboard will then display said emoji for you that you can then add into a WhatsApp message, for example.

It feels as though they're playing catchup with the likes of macOS and Android as you've been able to search for emoji on both of these platforms for a while now, which proves very useful for when you're wanting to find the perfect emoji.

Thankfully, though, a dedicated search feature is being added to the keyboard for iOS in iOS 14, according to the iOS 14 features page on Apple's website. Scroll down to 'Even More' and under 'Keyboard', it reads:

'A new search field for the emoji keyboard lets you search for the perfect emoji. Enter a commonly used word or phrase such as “heart” or “smiley face” and you will be presented with corresponding emoji to choose from.'

You'll finally be able to search for emoji with ease, just like you have been able to on Android for years. This and many more features to come when iOS 14 is released this Autumn.

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