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Is Netflix getting a shuffle button?

Netflix app - get watching
Netflix app - get watching

Netflix - get watching

First reported by Android Police, and then The Verge, Netflix is testing a brand new feature with some of Netflix's Android users. This has not been rolled out to everyone yet, but if the trail goes well, who knows?

There will be two 'shuffle' options for those that have been included in this test trail run:

1 - a “Play a Popular Episode” column will appear of the homepage of the Netflix app and features various shows that can be shuffled.

2 - When you're watching particular episode of a programme a pop up in the apps controls will show a “random episode” button.

We've attempted to see the options ourself, testing this out on a few Android devices, including: Samsung Galaxy S10 and Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge. The options are yet to show up for us. They might've showed for you, so keep a look out and let us know what you think.

We'll bring you more details when we have them.

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