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Mabel's first ever Christmas song 'Loneliest Time Of Year' is out now

'Loneliest Time Of Year' album artwork
'Loneliest Time Of Year' album artwork

Mabel's first ever Christmas song is out now

Christmas is now well upon us. You may already have the tree up or you might be putting it up this weekend, Whatever you're doing, Mabel has blessed us with her first ever Christmas song!

'Loneliest Time Of Year' is its name. It's very festive but it's showing that not everyone is surrounded by family, friends and loved ones at Christmas, not everyone wakes up in a nice warm house and not everyone wakes up with presents under the Christmas tree.

It's still a very festive song, though, in true Mabel style but does highlight the different situations people around the world are in over the festive and New Year period.

The audio was released on the 22 November and the official music video premiered on YouTube on Friday last week (6th December).

You can watch the official music for 'Loneliest Time Of Year' by Mabel, below:

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Main image: @Mabel on Twitter



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