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Mercedes-Benz to offer a subscription in US to make electric cars accelerate a second faster

Image source: Mercedes-Benz Group

BMW does it so Mercedes can do it too? Here is another type of subscription for your electric car

There seems to be a subscription for everything these days. BMW now offer one for heated seats.

This time, Mercedes-Benz are it at with a subscription for those in the United States with a Mercedes-Benz electric car which will enable selected cars to accelerate from 0-60mph a second faster. Yes. A whole second faster.

The feature is known as 'Acceleration Increase'.

Mercedes-Benz US online store shows the feature will be available on the following vehicles: Mercedes-EQ EQE 350 4MATIC, Mercedes-EQ EQE SUV 350 4MATIC, Mercedes-EQ EQS 450 4MATIC, Mercedes-EQ EQS SUV 450 4MATIC.


The page claims 'Acceleration Increase' will allow your vehicle to 'accelerate more powerfully' and 'increase the torque and maximum output of your Mercedes-EQ.' For example, the Mercedes-EQ EQE 350 will go from 0-60mph in approximately 6.0 seconds but with the 'Acceleration Increase' subscription, that'll change to 0-60mph in approximately 5.1 seconds, according to Mercedes.

Torque generates power from the car's engine. The more torque (and horsepower) your car has, the faster you'll go.

It'll cost £991 ($1,200), excluding tax, for an annual subscription for this feature.

Currently, there is no exact date for when 'Acceleration Increase' will be available to subscribe to as you are unable to buy it from the online store at the moment.

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