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Microsoft shuts down its Mixer streaming platform and moves to Facebook Gaming

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Microsoft has shut down their streaming platform Mixer and moves to Facebook Gaming

In a shock move that wasn't expected, Microsoft have announced that their Mixer live streaming platform is to close and it'll be 'transitioning to Facebook Gaming', as a banner says, displayed on Mixer's website.

Mixer will cease to exist from Wednesday 22 July 2020 and has already started to move streamers and Mixer Partners across to Facebook Gaming. It first launched in January 2016 under the name 'Beam'.

The good news is that existing Mixer Partners will be given partner status when they move over to Facebook Gaming in the coming weeks and those using Mixer's monetisation program will be able to use Facebook Gaming's version called 'Level Up'. Those with Pro and channel subscriptions on Mixer will be provided with Xbox gift cards, since Mixer is owned by Microsoft and has a plays a big part on Xbox One consoles as users can stream their gameplay directly from their Xbox to Mixer as the service is built in.

All Mixer websites and links will start redirecting to Facebook Gaming when the service closes down.

Another major reason for Microsoft's partnership with Facebook and its Facebook Gaming arm is to help launch Microsoft's xCloud service.

If you don't know what xCloud is, it's a little bit like Google's Stadia and will give users the ability to click and play games that they see users streaming. It isn't clear when it'll end up being under Facebook Gaming but we expect to see it some point in the near future.

Mixer didn't get many views to be able to make it sustainable to run anymore and Facebook Gaming will allow the Mixer community grow into something much bigger as they have a much bigger audience.

And even though Microsoft offered some streamers big deals worth thousands to come and stream on the platform to help increase the number of views on its platform, this wasn't enough. Those steamers are now able to move across to Facebook Gaming, or use a different streaming platform entirely such as YouTube or Twitch which is owned by Amazon.

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