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Microsoft Teams will allow you to see 49 people at once this Autumn

Updated: Jun 20, 2020

Microsoft Teams Logo
Microsoft Teams Logo

They're playing catchup with Zoom

In a blog post, Microsoft have announced it is changing the way you view participants who's sharing their video to 49, just like rival video conferencing company, Zoom.

At the moment, only 9 video participants can be seen at once. Because of this, the Teams video grid will become a 7 by 7 (7 x 7) view so everyone who is sharing their video can be seen.

Zoom have been doing this for paid users for sometime.

With regards to the maximum number of participants on a Teams meeting, you can have up to 250. Whereas with Zoom, the maximum limit is 500 for its paid user base.

Zoom has seen huge growth since lockdown started in March this year and now Microsoft Teams is now playing catchup to ensure they're at the top of their game.

As well as this change, Microsoft Teams have also finally added an official way to upload your own background effects for use on calls, instead of having to hunt for it through the vast number of system folders, that wasn't supported by Microsoft, as we reported here. We'll be bringing you more on this soon.

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