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Microsoft to stop supporting Windows 7 after 14 January 2020

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Microsoft have set the date - Windows 7 support is coming to an end

It's what some people have been dreading, it has been announced that Microsoft will stop supporting the Windows 7 operating system after Tuesday January 14, 2020, after which point, Windows 7 will become 'end of life'.

In a post on Windows' official Facebook page, they said:

"After the 14th January 2020, Microsoft will no longer provide security updates or technical support for computers running Windows 7".

The same message hasn't appeared on their @Windows Twitter account.

Windows 7 was first released back on 22nd October 2009 and since then, Microsoft have provided 10 years of of product support for the much loved operating system.

This also means no more security patches, fixes or updates will be applied to your PC or desktop running Windows 7.

Businesses can pay for extended support if they wish to and if you want to hold onto Windows 7 for a while longer, you too, the end user, can pay for extended support right through to January 2023. You'll then continue to receive security updates and patches.

The next step though for users who want to migrate and upgrade from Windows 7, is to purchase a Windows 10 PC, laptop or desktop and you don't need us to tell you that there are plenty to choose from!

You can continue to use your Windows 7 computer as there's nothing to stop you but after the support is withdrawn, you'll become more vulnerable to hackers and the security risks are greater. We'd recommend you consider upgrading.

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