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New Microsoft Edge browser to be pushed out using Windows Update

Microsoft Edge's new logo
Microsoft Edge's new logo

Microsoft's new Edge browser will be pushed out to Windows 10 via Windows Update

Microsoft's new Chromium based version of its Windows 10 bundled browser, Microsoft Edge, is now available for everyone and will be rolled out to Windows 10 PCs, laptops and desktops via Windows Update.

The new versioned Edge was born in January of this year and if you wanted to experience it, you had to download it yourself.

There have been some handy improvements to Edge recently, although the syncing of history and tabs isn't available yet, though Microsoft have announced this feature will be here in the summer.

Now, though, looking at an article on Microsoft's own help and support website, it seems as though the new Edge browser will be installed automatically using Windows Update on the 1803 version of the Windows 10 operating system. This will also be the case for higher versions of Windows 10, including 1903 and 1909

This will be a slow release update so not everyone'll get it at the start but eventually, the majority of Windows 10 devices will.

The current and soon to be legacy version of Microsoft Edge was an EdgeHTML based browser, whereas the new version is based on Chromium.

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