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New Twitter feature that limits who can reply to your tweets is in testing stage

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This new feature is currently only available to a select few - here is what you need to know

Twitter is currently testing a brand new feature that allows users to limit know can reply to their tweets.

Twitter's helpful video below explains and shows how the feature works:

We bet you've reached for your phone or tablet to check this new feature out? You have and you can't see it? That's because it's in testing stages and has only been issued to select accounts, randomly. So not everyone has it yet, but if testing goes well, then you'll all get it in future.

To use the 'Who can reply?' feature, compose a tweet and once you've finished, select the small world "Everyone can reply' option in the bottom left hand corner. You'll now see three options. Here's what they all mean:


Everyone on Twitter will be able to reply to your tweet, just like they can now, if your account isn't private, of course.

People you follow

This means that only the accounts you follow on Twitter will be able to reply to the tweet you post.

Only people you mention

Only the accounts you mention (by @mentioning) in the tweet will be able to reply to the tweet you post.

If you select the last two options, the reply button will be greyed out for those who you don't follow or those you haven't mentioned in your tweet. An automated message will appear under the tweet to let those know that 'People they mentioned can reply', for example. Users who aren't included in the conversation will still be able to retweet and like it though.

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