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New WhatsApp cloud-based API will allow customers to communicate directly with businesses

New cloud-API service for businesses on WhatsApp / Source: Meta / WhatsApp
New cloud-API service for businesses on WhatsApp / Source: Meta / WhatsApp

WhatsApp offers more features to allow customers to contact businesses quickly and easily

WhatsApp already offers a WhatsApp Business app that allows customers to message businesses using the service by starting a new conversation in WhatsApp and typing a message but WhatsApp are now introducing a new business-focused service.

The new service will use cloud-based software and an API (Application Programming Interface) that allows to services (or apps) to communicate with each other. This means, when a customer is visiting a business website for support, they'll be able to click on the 'Support' page and have the option of starting a conversation with the business via WhatsApp.

Businesses who are on WhatsApp cannot contact people on WhatsApp, unless customers contact them, WhatsApp say in their blog post.

Cost per-message

Not everything's free and that is no different to WhatsApp's new cloud-API service. When a business messages a customer back on WhatsApp, it will cost them money, which means Meta (WhatsApp's parent company), can make money.

Other features

Other features on its new cloud-based business platform will be available at an additional cost. The extra features will be optional.

WhatsApp Business app

For those wondering, the WhatsApp Business app is still around and is still free to download on iOS and Android.

WhatsApp say they are working on 'advanced features' for the app, 'like the ability to manage chats across up to 10 devices' and 'also provide new customisable WhatsApp click-to-chat links to help businesses attract customers across their online presence'.

These new features will be available in WhatsApp Business app as optional features for an additional cost, 'as part of a new premium service'.

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Main image credit: Meta / WhatsApp



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