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O2 and Virgin Media to merge and take on BT

O2 and Virgin Media have agreed to merge and take on the likes of BT - here's what you need to know

O2 is a huge mobile network operator, who's owned by Telefonica, a company in Spain and O2 provides the networks for the likes of Sky Mobile, Giffgaff and Tesco Mobile.

Whereas Virgin Media is is one of the biggest broadband and TV providers. Virgin Media have about 6 million TV and broadband users. They also have a mobile network of which has about 3 million users.

Together with Virgin Media's customer base and O2's approximate user base of about 34 million mobile phone customers, this merger is sure to take on the likes of entertainment and telecoms giant, BT who offer TV packages, broadband and mobile phone contracts under the name BT Mobile.

It is understood that Virgin Media owner Liberty Global and O2 owners Telefonica have agreed the terms for joining together and merging.

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