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One phone charger to rule them all in EU: 28 December 2024 deadline set

USB-Type-C Cable
USB-Type-C Cable

28 December 2024 is the deadline for phone manufacturers to use the same charging cable

At last, we will finally be able to stop carrying around multiple chargers for our mobile devices as the European Union has set the deadline of 28th December 2024 for manufactures to all use the same charging cable on the devices they produce.

The old deadline for the change for portable devices was autumn 2024.

The new date has been published in the EU's Official Journal which states that all the devices mentioned in the Journal should be charged using the USB-Type-C cable.

The journal lists the following devices that will need to use the USB-Type-C charging port by the deadline of 28th December 2024:

  • "handheld mobile phones

  • tablets

  • digital cameras

  • headphones

  • headsets

  • handheld videogame consoles

  • portable speakers

  • e-readers

  • keyboards

  • mice

  • portable navigation systems

  • earbuds

  • laptops".

Essentially, it'll be any small or medium device that is portable and needs to be charged up to be used.

Most mobile phones that have been released within the past 2 years, for example, already charge up via a USB-Type-C cable as they have a USB-Type-C port on the device. iPhone, though, which is the series of smartphones, powered by iOS and created by Apple, use their own charging port and cable: Lightening.

Some of Apple's other devices, including some MacBooks and newer iPad models, charge up using USB-Type-C. Older models of iPad used to use Apple's Lightening port and cable and if you go back even further, they used to charge using Apple's old 30-pin cable. iPhone and iPod used to use this technology too.

What does this all mean for you? You can finally stop having to carry around a bunch of cables for charging different devices. You really will have a single charger to rule them all.

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