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Samsung Galaxy Fold is back in the UK - here's when you'll be able to get one

Samsung Galaxy Fold
Samsung Galaxy Fold

The folding future is back

The Samsung Galaxy Fold has had a delayed release all over the world due to issues with the foldable phone screen breaking.

Samsung now, however, have revealed the release date for when you'll be able to purchase the handset, right here in the United Kingdom.

The futuristic folding phone was set to be released in April but this was put on hold after review units were issued to tech websites and YouTubers, whom reporting the folding screens were breaking.

Samsung did right to postpose the launch of the device whilst they fixed the major flaw as the Galaxy Fold does put a huge hole in your wallet with its pricey tag.

Samsung are launching the Galaxy Fold in the United Kingdom on 18 September. It's good news for those in South Korea, though, as they'll be able to grab the foldable device tomorrow (Friday 5th September).

Price wise, Samsung's Galaxy Fold will set you back £1,900 when it goes on general sale on September 18th this year.

One big change that has been made to the Galaxy Fold it the protective screen layer will be even harder to peel off, which is what starting the trend of the Galaxy Fold devices to break in the first place - as some reviews removed the protective layer, whilst others kept it on.

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Image credit: Samsung UK Newsroom



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