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Samsung Galaxy S20 images are leaked on official website

Samsung logo

Images of Samsung's Galaxy S20 have been leaked on Samsung's official website

As first revealed by technology website, Samsung has revealed official images of its latest flagship smartphone, the Samsung Galaxy S20.

To see the leaked images, click on the pink link above.

As we can see from the two images, the name, 'Galaxy S20', is confirmed. 'Galaxy S20' will be instead of 'Galaxy S11'. This name would change the current naming standards for the Galaxy S range, as we'd expect it to be called the S11 instead, as Samsung's current flagship phone is the Galaxy S10.

The second thing we notice from the images is an accessory in the form of a grey case complete with LEDs to help protect your new Galaxy S20. The case is similar to the LED cases that came out for last year's Galaxy S10. Could this be one of the first cases you can purchase for your Galaxy S20?

The screenshots also giveaway something that's hard to miss - the hole-punch selfie camera on the front of the device, which is similar to the hole-punch camera on the front of the Galaxy S10's bigger brother, the Galaxy Note 10.

We don't have long to wait to find out even more about the Samsung Galaxy S20 as Samsung's 2020 Unpacked Event is next week on Tuesday 11th.

Rumors also suggest there are camera upgrades on the S20, which is to be expected as cameras are a big thing in smartphones now days. As well as this, the Galaxy S20 could ship in three different variants which could include an 'Ultra' version packed full of the greatest specs available right now.

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