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Samsung S10 touch sounds change after April update make it 'sound like a toy'


The S10 phone lineup from Samsung is the current flagship device. Users aren't happy about one change in the April update.

Software gets updated, patched and changed all the time now-a-days, and Samsung is no exception for updating its software on its newest devices: the Galaxy S10e, S10 and S10+ (even the new S10 5G).

So, for those who own an S10 device, many should've now received the April update. Whilst some wait a few weeks until pressing the 'Update' button so that bugs can be fixed, others take the plunge right away.

We waited a few weeks to update our devices and noticed something rather odd after the phones re-booted. The touch sounds changed to an annoying 'beep' sound when pressed, compared to the previous one we all knew and loved. Convinced it as a glitch, we restarted, but the same thing happened again and again.

Taking to various forums and sites, including Reddit, PiunikaWeb and the official Samsung Community, we found others had the same problem and aren't happy about it.

"Hello, today in the morning I recieved the ASD5 (April) update for my S10, upon rebooting the touch sounds changed and now the whole device sounds like a toy. How to revert this change?"

Others posted stating you can just turn off the touch sounds within the settings but this doesn't resolve the problem. Below, it seems that the May update resolves this and reverts the touch sounds back to normal, but we're yet to receive the update so cannot conform nor deny.

When we get the May update, we will let you know if the touch sounds revert to the previous version.

Have you got the same issue? Let us know in the comments below and reach out to us on our social media channels!

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