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Shhh: You may soon be able to leave a WhatsApp group without everyone being notified


WhatsApp may be releasing an update allowing to leave a group without everyone being notified

Currently, when you decide you've had enough of being in a WhatsApp group, tapping the 'Exit group' or 'Leave group' button will notify everyone who is a member of the group, in a form of a notification in the group saying 'Bob has left the group'.

There's no doubt people in the group will be wondering 'Why?'.

WABetaInfo has discovered this new feature. They look for early Bata releases of WhatsApp to see what the features will be coming to WhatsApp before they are released.

When, and hopefully if, this feature is released, it looks like only you and the administrators of the group will be able to see that you have left the group.

WABetaInfo shows a screenshot on its blog post of the WhatsApp Desktop client with: "Exit this group? Only you and group admins will be notified that you have left this group'.

We do not know when this feature will be coming to WhatsApp at the moment but with the recent updates it has rolled out allowing for larger file sizes to be shared in groups, the ability to add emoji reactions to messages and have up to 512 members in a group, this feature may arrive sooner than we think.

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