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Snapchat releases flying yellow drone called 'Pixy'

'Pixy' drone from Snap
'Pixy' drone from Snap

Snap has released a bright yellow flying drone that takes videos

We all know Snapchat as the quick taking photo sharing app but now, its parent company Snap, have released a new bright yellow drone that they say is a 'pocket-sized, free-flying sidekick that’s a fit for adventures big and small.'

Snap say in a news post on their website that its drone, named 'Pixy', can float, orbit and follow you wherever you go - all without the need to set it up, or for a controller, which the really expensive drones have to be able to pilot them.

Once the flight has finished, Snap say Pixy will land in the palm of your hand.

The videos taken by Pixy are saved to your Snapchat account in the 'Memories' section, which you can then send to friends, upload to your Snapchat Story or share to other social media platforms. You can use Snapchat's effects and filters in the app to enhance your videos.

Pixy are currently selling the 'Pixy Flight Pack', costing $249.99 (US), which contains the drone itself, USB 3.0 charging cable, rechargeable battery, dual battery charger and a Bumper and Carrying Strap. Pixy's shop claims that each rechargeable batteries holds between 5-8 flights if default flight modes are used.

At the moment, Pixy is not for sale in the UK but you can buy it if you are in France or the United States. It costs $229.99. Before you fly Pixy, make sure to follow local laws and regulations.

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Main image credit: Snap Newsroom



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