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Sony's PlayStation 2 celebrates is 20th anniversary

Sony PlayStation 2
Sony PlayStation 2

On March 4 this year, the Sony PlayStation 2 celebrated its 20th anniversary

The PlayStation was first released by Sony back on 4 March 2000 in Japan and is still the best selling games console ever, according the the Guinness World Records. 157.68 million units were sold across the 13 years the console was on sale for.

Production of the PlayStation 2 was halted in January 2013 and by that time, the PlayStation 3 had already been on sale for 6 years and 54 days.

One of the reasons that the PlayStation 2 (also known as the PS2) was very successful was because as well as being able to play video games, the console was also able to play DVDs, so it's almost as though it's a '2-in1' product.

The PlayStation 2 also had accessories for games too - Singstar was a two player game in which you had a blue and red microphone and you competed with friends to get the highest score whilst singing a particular song, that you could choose.

Another musical based game on the console was Guitar Hero, where you plugged a plastic guitar into the console and had a go and being a professional guitarist.

Two of the most popular games on PlayStation 2 were from Rockstar's Grand Theft Auto (GTA) range of games - Grand Theft Auto: Vice City & Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas.

104.25 million units of the first original PlayStation by Sony were sold between its lifecycle of 3 December 1994 and 23 March 2006.

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