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Spotify's home screen widget for Android is returning soon

It has been confirmed the widget will be coming back

Taking a look at Spotify's Community website, we're happy because a feature that was fazed out last month, will be returning in a future app update, a Spotify Community Manager Staff member has confirmed.

We are of course talking about Spotify's widget that can be added to the home screen on your Android phone or tablet.

The useful home screen widget meant you could play/pause a track, skip to the next one or go back a track, if you've purchased a Spotify Premium subscription. It also provided you with the name of the track and the artist or band.

So, all in all, a very useful feature which meant you didn't have to keep opening the Spotify app every time you wanted to skip a track of find out its name.

Spotify removed the widget because, and we understand this, you can access all the information and features the handy home screen widget offered from your phone or tablet's lock screen.

Non the less, we're happy that we'll be able to welcome the Spotify widget back to our home screens in an app update very soon in the future.

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