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Streaming service Disney+ launches in the UK

Disney+ Logo
Disney+ Logo

Disney+ is finally here and it couldn't come at a better time

The hotly anticipated streaming service from Disney, Disney+, has finally launched in the UK and given the current circumstances with the COVID-19 outbreak, it couldn't have arrived at a better time.

It'll cost £5.99 per month and you can also pay a yearly subscription for £59.99

What's more, before you shell out on purchasing Disney+ with your hard-earned money, they offer a 7 day free trail and if you don't like it, just cancel.

Disney+ houses everything from everything from Disney, Pixar, Marvel, StarWars and National Geographic all in one place, basically like Netflix and Amazon Prime, for example.

Of course you'll need a device to watch contact from Disney+ but most of us do so that's not s problem. You can watch content from Disney+ via your computer or laptop's web browser, via your smartphone or tablet (there's an app for both Android and iOS), via your games console (Xbox and PlayStation 4), on your Smart TV and via a Roku streaming stick.

It's important to remember that not every Smart TV will support the Disney+ service at the moment but there's nothing to say that some won't in the future.

Streaming wise you can stream on up to 4 TV programmes or films at the same time. You also get unlimited downloads to watch content offline. You can be logged into 10 devices at once and have a maximum of being able to create 7 profiles, compared to the 4 on Netflix's top tier.

As expected, like many major streaming services, Disney+ supports streaming in HDR and 4K. You can change preferences in the settings menu of each TV show or movie.

So, what can you watch on Disney+? Pretty much anything from Disney, Pixar, Marvel, StarWars and even National Geographic! There's a huge catalog on there and more is being added all the time, with new originals arriving every month.

Apart from The Rise of Skywalker, every StarWars movie is on there and for you Frozen fans, Frozen 2 will be arriving on Friday 17 July. There is a section on the app that tells you what's coming up on Disney+, it's a little like Netflix's one.

To get started with Dinsey+, click here.

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