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'The music lives on': Today officially marks the end of the Apple iPod

Apple iPod touch (7th generation)
Apple iPod touch (7th generation)

Apple has now officially retired the iPod touch

Apple has announced in a press release on its website 'the music lives on' and 'iPod touch will be available while supplies last'.

This really does mean it is the end of the road for Apple's clever music machine, the iPod touch. Currently, Apple iPod touch is on its 7th generation, which was introduced on 28 May 2019.

A bit of iPod history

The first iPod was first introduced on 23 October 2001. It was an MP3 player and you can't argue, it was the best in class. iPod could pack a massive (at the time) 1,000 songs and had a 10 hour battery life. It featured a non-colourful screen and had that scroll wheel that was passed down to other iPod devices that we will all have used in the past. Around the outside of the scroll wheel, there was a pause/play button, a button to head back through menus buttons on the right and left to skip back and forward between tracks. There was also a large circular button to select menus and tracks.

Other iPod models

Since then, we've seen other variations of iPod: iPod Classic, iPod mini - which was introduced in February 2004 in a variety of colours - iPod nano, iPod shuffle and, of course, the iPod touch, which was first introduced on 5 September 2007, which gave us the 3.5 inch touchscreen.

You can (while stocks last) buy iPod touch

Whilst you can still visit the page for the iPod touch (at the time of writing) in the footer of Apple's website, they have added 'White supplies last' above the 'iPod touch' name.

If you want to purchase the last remaining iPod touch, we suspect you'll have to be quick. People will be wanting to be adding these to their collections as a piece of technological history for years to come.

iPod touch 7th generation is available in six bright colours, all of which we like: Space Grey, Silver, Pink, Blue, Gold and (PRODUCT)RED.

You have three storage options of 32GB, 128GB and 256GB and personalise your iPod touch by engraving it with words of your choice on the back of the iPod touch, for free, if you want to.

The 32GB model costs £199, the 128GB model costs £299, while the 256GB model costs £399.

The good old days

Now days, you can listen to all sorts of music on your phone and other devices. Many streaming services are available so you don't even need to buy songs from iTunes anymore, which is what you had to do back in the day, unless you decided to upload your collection of CDs on to iTunes on your PC or Mac and then careful decide which of your many songs to add to your iPod.

Apple's press release does make reference (many times) to its other devices you can listen to and stream music on, such as iPhone, iPad, Mac and HomePod mini as well as subscribing to its music streaming service Apple Music.

We will truly miss iPod touch. Goodbye, old friend. Thank you for playing the music we loved.

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