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TweetDeck now supports emoji, GIFs & more in major update

Twitter finally gives TweetDeck a much needed update

For those who use TweetDeck, if that be for personal or business use, you may've thought that TweetDeck is is need of an update that brings some much loved features from over to the TweetDeck application, which can be accessed via

Well, you're in luck as Twitter has finally updated TweetDeck with some of the much loved features from the Twitter web platform: its website and web version of Twitter at

TweetDeck has its own official Twitter account, its handle being @TweetDeck and with the power of Twitter Polls, they asked users what features they want to see and have the ability to use in TweetDeck.

As you can see from the results of the Poll on Twitter, the most popular feature people want on TweetDeck is the ability to add GIFs to Tweets, closely followed by Threads. The other options were: Polls and Emoji, which git the lowest following of only 18%.

In a follow-up Tweet on May 16, Twitter said:

"Guess what? You're in luck! As of today we're testing a new way of Tweeting, now with the ability to add GIFs, threads, polls, emoji AND image tagging via TweetDeck"

The Tweet does say the features are only in the 'testing' stage, however, we've seen and been able to use the new additions first-hand and we suspect others can and will too.

Within the new Tweet Composer window in TweetDeck, you also have the option to switch back to the old composer if you wish too.

One drawback to the new composer is that you are no longer able to schedule tweets. You can still switch back to the old version to do this but we expect this feature will be added to the newer rolled out version in the near future.

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Main image: TweetDeck Logo, Twitter.



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