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Twitter disables tweeting via SMS after CEO's account is hacked

Tweeting via SMS is disabled for the time being

Twitter says its only turned off the ability to tweet via SMS temporarily after their CEO, Jack Dorsey's official account was taken over by hackers.

Jack's account has since been put back to rights, after racial and threatening messages were sent from it. They have since been removed and deleted.

This is because Jack Dorsey had his phone number linked with his Twitter account and once hackers were able to get hold of his mobile number, they posted the rude, horrible and unsettling tweets by using his phone number. They didn't even have to be logged into the account to post the tweets, as you just text a short-hand number.

There is no word on when the feature will be enabled again. Most people now have smartphones so use the Twitter app to tweet out updates. Twitter can also be accessed on tables and over at

Here are the tweets the official Twitter Support @TwitterSupport sent out in relation to disabling tweeting via SMS (text messaging) for now:

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