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Twitter Under Musk: Fee for blue-tick account verification


Ever wanted that famous 'blue-tick' badge for your Twitter account? You can get one.

Twitter has confirmed users of the platform will be able to buy the blue-tick verification for their Twitter account.

It will be available to those who sign up to its new 'Twitter Blue' service, which will cost £7 ($7.99) per month.

Before this, it was difficult to get that check mark against your name as it was used to verify accounts for companies, organisations or high-profile individuals and to get the badge, identity had to be proven. It was only Twitter themselves who gave out the blue-tick.

If a Twitter account had the blue tick against the account name, it meant the account was official and authentic and meant it was easy for people on the platform to know they are interacting with and seeing Tweets from a verified source.

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At the moment, this update to obtain your own blue tick has only been rolled out to iOS devices and is only available in the UK, US, Australia, New Zealand and Canada for now.

There are many accounts on Twitter that were verified by Twitter themselves before Twitter Blue and Elon Musk's announcement that meant anyone can get a blue-tick but what we don't know yet is if those with blue-ticks already will get to keep them, or if they will asked to be start paying for it. What is also not clear is if Twitter will have another way of verifying authentic accounts.

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