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Twitter Under Musk: Paid subscription for blue-tick on accounts resumes


The feature that allows you to pay to have a verified blue-tick on your Twitter account is back

The paid-for-verification service, which is part of Twitter Blue and was introduced by SpaceX and Tesla owner Elon Musk, that allows you to have a blue-tick to show your account is verified, is back after Twitter paused it last moth because impersonators were creating accounts and pretending to be high-profile figures and companies.

It will cost $8 for a blue-tick but that fee has increased to $11 for those who use the Twitter app on iOS (Apple) devices. This is because Apple charge commission fees on in-app purchases.

Another feature that is included in Twitter Blue is an edit button, which was being tried out by the official Twitter Blue Twitter account to confirm if the feature worked and is a feature users have wanted for a while. It now seems Elon Musk has listened and provided the feature. The catch, of course, is you have to be a subscriber to Twitter Blue to use it.

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Other features of being a Twitter Blue subscriber (as well as getting the blue 'checkmark' and the edit button), include: tweets will be at the top of replies, mentions and search, which Twitter say will help 'to fight scams and spam', see less ads (50% fewer) than non-verified accounts, post longer and better quality videos and get early access to new features on the platform.

What about all of the accounts that were verified before Twitter Blue? They'll still have the blue checkmark but when tapping or clicking on the tick, a message will appear saying 'This is a legacy verified account. It may or may not be notable.'

Twitter's own account, @Twitter, says checkmarks (blue-ticks) will be replaced with gold checkmarks for businesses and a 'grey checkmark for government and multilateral accounts'.

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