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Twitter update: you can now draft & schedule Tweets from its website

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This new feature lets you schedule and save tweets as drafts right from its website

Twitter has been treating us to many new features over the past few days, including a new feature that's currently in testing, which lets you take control of 'who can reply' to your tweet, that we brought to you yesterday.

Now, they've released another new feature for its web app (also known as a website - and the new feature will be available to everyone.

From now, you'll be able to schedule Tweets to be sent out, automatically, at a later date. This is something that has previously only been available on Twitter's own, free Tweetdeck (or third party services), which is like Twitter for professionals and lets you manage multiple Twitter accounts at once.

As well as being able to now schedule tweets directly from, you'll be able to save tweets as drafts if you're 'not quite ready to send that Tweet'. You have been able to do this on Twitter's apps for iOS and Android for sometime.

How do you schedule a Tweet from Twitter's web app (website)?

It's easy. Simply log into Twitter if you haven't done so already. Start to compose a Tweet how you normally would. You should see a small calendar icon on the row of icons at the bottom of the pop out Tweet window you're in. From there, you can set the scheduling options for your Tweet.

How to save Tweets as drafts on Twitter's app (website)?

This too, is easy. Once you have finished composing your Tweet, or got part way through, just hit the 'X' in the left hand corner to close the Tweet composer window and you'll be asked if you want to save your Tweet as a draft. If you do, just click 'Save'.

Twitter's Support account has stated that 'Right now, Tweet drafts saved on desktop or mobile web will be accessible via desktop or mobile web only.' This means that any drafts you save on Twitter's web app (website) will only be available on the web app if you log into Twitter using another browser, for example. And if you save a draft on Twitter's iOS and Android apps, it won't sync to the the web app.

Why don't you give it a go yourself?

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