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What's new with Alexa this week?

Take a look at what's new with AI assistant Alexa this week as she develops her powers and tries to help you get stuff done.

Alexa can help you revise

Revision season is upon us. Not to worry. Take the stress of exams away with help from Alexa. She can help you revise and provide you with various revision tips, from reminding you to study in a quiet place with no distractions and having exam notes on hand. Just say: 'Alexa, give me a revision tip'.

Learn more with Alexa's wealth of knowledge

Alexa is cleaver and is basically a giant encyclopedia. You can ask it almost anything and it'll provide you with an answer. Give it a try. How about asking: 'Alexa, give me a fact about Henry VIII.'

What's the traffic like outside, Alexa?

Imagine it's Monday morning and you don't want to get out of bed early to beat the commute. Alexa can help you out here. Just ask: 'Alexa, how is my commute?' and she'll let you know, meaning you can spend a few extra minutes in bed. It's a win win all round.

In order to get up-to-date traffic information. you need to add your route or commute in the Alexa app. Head over to the help and settings section and select Traffic.

Most requested

These are the most requests, skills and questions that Alexa has had to perform or answer recently

1. Amazon Music: 'Alexa, follow Ed Sheeran on Amazon Music.'

2. Notifications or alerts: 'Alexa, why are you flashing yellow?'

3. Play a song: 'Alexa, play The Sound of Pride playlist from Amazon Music'.

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