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WhatsApp Attack: Update the app now


If you're one of the 1.5 billion users that use WhatsApp, update the app now

WhatsApp has confirmed its app was the victim of an attack, which allowed hackers to install surveillance software onto a users device using the WhatsApp phone call function. If the call was not picked up by the affected user, the spy software could still be installed onto the phone in question, reports the Financial Times.

The messaging service, WhatsApp, which is widely used across the world, is owned by Facebook. As well as owning WhatsApp, Facebook also own the photo-sharing app, Instagram.

WhatsApp have said the attack hasn't affected everyone, just a select number of users.

The company have urged users to update the app, which runs on iOS, Android and Windows Phone devices.

One of WhatsApp's huge 'selling points', as well as being free-to-use and offering a number of in app extras and functions, is that its messages sent via the app are end-to-end encrypted which means the messages sent should only be visible to the sender and receiver.

The spyware which was installed onto the target's phone would've meant the encrypted messages would've been seen and read by the hackers, due to the capabilities of the spying software.

Facebook have said the problem was resolved on Friday last week and a fix has been rolled out since, which is why you should update WhatsApp on your phone.

How to update WhatsApp on:


1. Tap the App Store app

2. Tap 'Updates', located in the bottom bar on the screen

3. Find WhatsApp and tap 'Update'. If it has already been updated, it'll say so under the 'recently updated' section and will allow you to 'Open' the app


1. Tap the 'Play Store' icon (also known as the Google Play Store)

2. You can search 'WhatsApp' using the search bar, or tap the white hamburger menu in the top left hand corner

3. Tap the 'My Apps & Games' section

4. Scroll through the list and find 'WhatsApp'

If you have automatic updates enabled, WhatsApp will update itself in the background, but it's worth heading over to your store to double check though.

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