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WhatsApp could be coming to iPad

WhatsApp logo, a Facebook owned company

The Facebook owned SMS texting app, WhatsApp, could be getting its own iPad app

This rumor has been first reported on website that an official WhatsApp app for iPad is currently in the development stages. The website also suggests that the bata testing program for WhatsApp for iPad is full at this moment in time.

Until now, an official iPad app for WhatsApp does not exist. WhatApp is only available for iPhone, Android and Windows Phone. The only way you can use WhatsApp on iPad is by using WhatsApp web via an internet browser (such as Apple's Safari) on your iPad.

There are, however, some third party apps that can be downloaded on Apple's App Store for iPad.

There is no word on when an iPad app for WhatsApp will be released and there is also no word of this latest exciting development on WhatsApp's official website.

If this rumor is true, this is a fantastic time for both WhatsApp users and for those who use iPad! We will keep you updated on here and on our social media accounts with all the latest.

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