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WhatsApp, Instagram & Facebook hit with 'download failed' photo bug

Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp have been hit with a major photo bug

A lot of WhatsApp's user base are unable to download photos sent in one-2-one chats and group chats. When attempting to download the images sent on WhatsApp, users are seeing a message saying: 'Download failed'. The image will not load and we're asked to get the sender to send the photo again.

WhatsApp's sister companies, Facebook and Instagram, are also affected.

On Instagram, it is the same story. Some users' photos will be loaded and can be viewed (mainly cached ones) and other new posts will see 'Tap to try again'.

Not every single user is affected by this major outage, some are still able to post and continue to like photos and videos posted on the photo-sharing app. Particularly as Instagram's purpose is to share photos, this should be sorted as soon as possible.

Instagram's official Twitter account posted:

Facebook's account - @facebook - displayed the same message with #FacebookDown and WhatsApp's Twitter account - @WhatsApp - is almost never active so doesn't display the message.

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