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Will you buy the Samsung Galaxy Fold?

Will you be getting the Samsung Galaxy Fold over the brand new Galaxy S10 and S10+?

Granted, you cannot yet purchase or even pre-order the Samsung Galaxy Fold. At present, you can only register for updates. Samsung's website does not give much away about the folding device,, but it was featured at Samsung's Galaxy Unpacked Event a few weeks ago.

The question, though, is: will you actually purchase one using your own, cold, hard, cash? (Ok, you can use your debit / credit card, too).

This is the first ever edition of Samsung's folding phone, named the Samsung Galaxy Fold. They had some live demos at the packed event and also on-stage during the presentation.

And it's unlike the refined and tuned Galaxy S range - it's been around for 10 years now and we'll put money on the fact that they have already started thinking about their next flagship smartphone.

What is the Galaxy Fold?

Good question. The Galaxy Fold is Samsung's first ever folding smartphone, and from our point of view, it's basically a tablet in your pocket.

The reason for this is because the phone can unfold to create a sort of 'second' screen. If for example, you're watching a YouTube video but want to watch it on an even bigger screen, simply unfold the phone and the video fills the screen.

At the Unpacked Event, special guest speakers were bright in to demonstrate the features of the folding phone and also showed off its ability to cope with three app multitasking. This is the same as multitasking when you use two apps at the same time, but the difference with the Galaxy Fold is that when the screen is fully open, you can use three apps at the same time!

A great example of this is: watching a video on YouTube, checking out a route using Google Maps and sending a WhatsApp message - all at the same time, using just the one device!

The phablet also boasts more cameras than you can imagine so, however you're holding the powerhouse, you can always capture the moment, thanks to all the cameras being in different places around the device.

At the time of writing, we've not yet had the chance to get 'hands on' with this brand new era of smartphone technology so we're unable to comment about using the phone on a daily basis. When we do get the opportunity to play with this folding masterpiece, we'll let you know and publish more about the device.

Furthermore, the Fold still maintains the 3.5mm headphone jack! Something that other smartphone giants are axing, in favour of slimmer handsets.

It's worth remembering that the Galaxy Fold from Samsung is still a first generation device, so there are going to be things that need improving upon and fine-tuning. We're sure that when a second generation of the Fold is released, it'll be miles better than the previous one.

We'll be happy to skip the fold and purchase the refined Samsung Galaxy S10, S10+ or the S10e, for now. One reason? It's much cheaper!

More news and features on the Samsung Galaxy Fold coming soon.

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