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Windows Phone 8.1 app store shutting down on December 16

Microsoft Lumia 640 & 640 XL
Microsoft Lumia 640 & 640 XL

If you're still rocking a Windows Phone 8.1, today is the last day to use the Store

Windows Phone 8.1 devices are now longer supported anyway (as of July 2017) and now Microsoft are killing off the official store, meaning you'll have no place to download any applications.

Windows Phone 8.1 was the operating system running on Nokia Lumia and Microsoft Lumia smartphones.

On Microsoft's support page for Lumia devices, they've included an article relating to the shutdown of the Windows Phone 8.1 Store. It will be shutting down tomorrow, on Monday 16 December.

It states that after this date, users "won't be able to download any additional apps to the phone. Users should make sure to download all applications that they might want before December 16, 2019."

After December 16, if you delete apps, or perform a factory reset of your Windows Phone, you won't be able to visit the store to download or reinstall any apps.

On the same page, it does list some phones, 17 in fact, that can be upgraded to Windows 10 Mobile operating system where, at the moment, the Store remains open and functional, so apps can still be installed.

It's important to note though, even though the Store on Windows 10 Mobile is still supported, support for Windows 10 Mobile has, or is going to be, no longer supported from December this year.

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