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Working from home? Avoid using the microwave to improve internet speeds

If you're working from home during the coronavirus pandemic, this one's for you

Almost all of the nation is working from home due to the current coronavirus pandemic and the chances are, your children are also at home, trying to complete school work.

UK regulator Ofcom has recently released advice for those following the Government guidelines to 'stay at home' which includes not using the microwave oven when you're using devices on your home Wi-Fi network, such as connected TVs and tablets.

"Don't use the microwave when you're making video calls, watching HD videos or doing something important online."

This is because microwaves can reduce the Wi-Fi signal in your house, thus reducing the speed of the Wi-Fi in your home, making it slower to access sites, download and upload data.

If you're working, we hope you won't be playing Candy Crush on your iPad during an online meeting on call. If you aren't, switch your iPad off, or failing that, turn the Wi-Fi off in Settings.

The reason? The more Wi-Fi enabled devices that are connected to your Wi-Fi router at once will result in a slower speed. You'll notice this is someone's playing online on a games console, for example, or when someone is streaming a HD film.

Although more people are online at home at home than ever before, Openreach are still reporting the peak times during the evening are the busiest times for Wi-Fi usage.

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