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Xbox One May update: change the order of tabs in your Guide

Xbox One Controller
Xbox One Controller

A new Xbox update lets you change the order of the tabs in your Guide

Xbox fans, this one's for you.

Microsoft have been working on an update for Xbox One consoles that allows you to change the order of the tabs that appear the Guide on your Xbox One.

If you're unsure of what the 'Guide' actually is, it's the navigation pane that shows up on the left hand corner of the screen when you press the Xbox 'Home' logo button on your controller and allows you to navigate through a while host of features and tools on your Xbox, including seeing your most recent played games, friends and their status, quick settings and more.

The main features to take away from this May update is that you can reorder the tabs in Guide to work for you. As well as this the layout of the Guide has changed to a left to right order. All you have to do to customise the order of the tabs in your Guide is select 'Customise Guide tabs' in the new 'Profile & System' area.

Inside 'Profile & System' you'll also find Help and various Settings, including that all important Sign In which is located under your GamerPic.

There's a new 'Parties & Chat' tab which messages, invites and Party all in the same place for ease of use.

These new updates are just a snapshot of what's to come in the May 2020 Update and is available to all Xbox One consoles to install.

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