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Your Netflix subscription is being increased, again

Netflix price increase for UK customers
Netflix price increase for UK customers

If you're currently busy binge-watching Orange Is The New Black or House of Cards on Netflix, make the most of it.

Why? Because Netflix is upping the price of your subscription once again. The last time we reported a Netflix price rise was back in April 2016, when Netflix announced your subscription fee was going up by a whole 50 pence!

Now, though, it's increasing even more to allow Netflix to keep up with the market of other streaming services, including Amazon Prime Video, Now TV and YouTube TV.

How much will it cost?

The only plan that's staying at the same price is the Basic subscription, which is £5.99. It doesn't offer up the option to watch programmes and movies in HD and you can only one user can watch Netflix at a time.

The old price for the Standard subscription was £7.99 but it'll now be £8.99.

The Premium package will be increased by a whole £2.00, which means, instead of costing £9.99, it'll cost £11.99. The Premium package allows you to watch content in HD and Ultra HD and Netflix content can be watched on 4 devices at the same time.

The price hike won't happen immediately, it'll be rolled out to customers over the next few weeks.

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