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YouTube Premium now lets you download videos in 1080p for offline viewing

YouTube Premium

Viewing content offline gets better for YouTube Premium subscribers

At the moment, users who subscribe to YouTube's new service - YouTube Premium - will know that videos that get downloaded for viewing offline download in the 720p format.

YouTube Premium gives you access to YouTube ad-free, YouTube Music and the ability to download YouTube and music videos to your device for watching and viewing when offline, as well as YouTube Originals. After the first month free, it's £11.99 after.

Now, though, in a new update that'll be hitting your devices very soon will now mean subscribers can download contact for offline viewing at the better viewing quality of 1080p! The update can be download via the App Store or Google Play Store, depending if you have an iPhone or Android phone.

Note that this update hasn't been rolled out to every device as of yet.

This'll mean the quality of the videos you'll be watching will be crisper, especially when watching them on a phone that supports 1080p, like the new flagship Galaxy S10 range from Samsung and the new iPhone XS and X from Apple.

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