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Zoom: free users won't get end-to-end encryption

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Zoom have confirmed free accounts won't get end-to-end encryption

Zoom is has been in the headlines a lot recently and has been increased usage ever since we were told to stay indoors because of the current coronavirus pandemic.

During a meeting with investors (Zoom's Q1 FY21 Earnings Webinar), the company have confirmed it will not be enabling end-to-end encryption for Zoom users whom have a free account plan.

One of the reasonings for this is because they want to work together with the police and law enforcement to make sure users aren't using 'Zoom for a bad purpose', says CEO Eric Yuan and he believes that the relevant law enforcement should be able to access the calls if they're being used for a 'bad purpose', for example.

Paid, subscribing users of Zoom will get access to end-to-end encryption for their calls, though as Eric Yuan believes it 'should be part of our offering'. Zoom's 'Pro' plan currently starts at £11.99 per month if you're a meeting host.

On privacy, Zoom have said: 'Zoom does not proactively monitor meeting content, and we do not share information with law enforcement except in circumstances like child sex abuse." They also say they do not have backdoors where participants can enter into meetings without being seen by others.

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