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All the Radio55 action can now be found right here! Now you can access the Radio55 Mixlr page below, the latest Tweets from @Radio55Official and more!

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Radio55 Planner

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Click here for the latest music news & info from Radio55...

Radio55 is on the Website. You can listen here and on


Contact Radio55 on Twitter @Radio55Official #R55TurnItUp! Want to send an Email? Click here. 


Joining in with the Radio55 Mixlr Chat is free. Please note: the Chat is Mixlr's own system. It's currently free and we hope it always will be, however, if is does become paid, we have no control over this. It is still free right now. 


Log in to the Chat or sign up using your Email or Facebook account. You'll need to make a username so other users (and us), can see who is 'chatting'. If you rquest a Shout-Out, we'll use the Mixlr username you have chosen. Other users can see your message too, so, please, be polite and respectful. 


To get instant Email alrats for when Radio55 goes LIVE, find 'Radio55' on Mixlr and click 'Follow'. The Email alarts are run by Mixlr, we have no input or control over them. 


Not all of our Shows will always be on our Mixkr Showreel right after they've been broadcast. Our team make sure they are up there as soon as possible. Sometimes the odd show won't be on there for a few days, this can be because of issues putting them up there.  


The 'Radio55 Planner' may not always be correct, but we try and make sure it is. Keep checking it for the latest and Follow us on Twitter for the latest goings on from the Radio55 Team.







Hartley Productions / Radio55 2017 

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