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Time to power down: Google's cloud gaming service, Stadia, has closed

Three Google Stadia controllers
Google Stadia Controllers (Image credit: Google)

Google's cloud gaming service, Google Stadia, has closed

On Thursday 19 January, 2023, in the United Kingdom, Google Stadia has closed the doors on its cloud-based streaming service for gamers.

Stadia was Google attempt at cashing in on the ever-popular gaming marketplace and launched in November 2019. The service was entirely cloud-based and allowed players to stream games online over the internet, without the need to own a physical gaming PC or games console.

Google had announced in September 2022 it would be shutting down the Stadia gaming platform.

To game on Stadia, you needed a Stadia controller, which could be purchased directly from Google, and to bring it to your TV, a Google Chromecast. You could also stream games to your laptop, desktop, phone and tablet via the Stadia app.

If you made a purchase for Google Stadia, Google has promised refunds and has been processing them for a number of months now, according to Stadia's social media feeds, which are now inaccessible. Refunds are being given to those who purchased Stadia controllers, downloadable content and games for the platform.

Stadia's website tells those with controllers that they will still be able to use their controllers in Bluetooth mode to play on other devices, even after Stadia closes. Google's Stadia Help page lists the supported devices Stadia controller will work on.

Before closure, Google released one final game to Stadia: Worm Game. Stadia's developers used to test Google Stadia before it was released to the public for use.

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